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Program Coordinator

Trinity Reynolds is the Program Coordinator at New Generation Learning Center. She initially joined the center in 2017 as a 2's Teacher and then took a brief break before returning in 2022. Trinity's experience in the classrooms has made her an excellent asset to the administrative team, where she brings valuable insights and knowledge to her role. She is currently pursuing a CDA (Child Development Associate) program to further her education in the field. Additionally, Trinity is a parent to a child who has attended NGLC since room 8 and is currently enrolled in the School Age program, giving her a unique perspective as both an educator and a parent.


Education Director

Cadi Hasting is the Education Director at New Generation Learning Center, where she coordinates age-appropriate curriculum across all classes and implements effective teaching strategies for the center. Cadi joined NGLC in 2009 as a 2's teacher and has since taught in the 3's and PreK classrooms, making her an ideal fit for the role of Education Director. Her two children attended NGLC from their toddler years, giving her a unique perspective as both an educator and a parent. Currently, Cadi is furthering her education by pursuing a CDA (Child Development Associate) program. Her knowledge and experience in early childhood education make her an essential member of the NGLC team.


Program Director

Courtney Campbell is a highly experienced early childhood education professional with over 14 years of experience in preschool and childcare settings. She holds an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development and has worked with a variety of reputable organizations in the field, including Region 7 ESC, Head Start, and children's ministry programs. In 2020, Courtney joined the team at New Generation Learning Center (NGLC) as their Program Director, where she is dedicated to providing high-quality education and care to young children. Both of her own boys have attended NGLC, giving her a unique perspective on the center and its programs.

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